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What happens when a former street kid, a teenager runaway from an abusive home eventually becomes an adult in any role or relationship that requires trust? Burdened with low self-esteem, feelings of failure, and often being self-destructive, the street kid needs to break the cycle of past abuse in order to not pass on, to future loved ones, the patterns of the dysfunctional family.

Wisdom from the Streets, the first book in a trilogy by Kedric H. Cecil, Ph. D. offers insight into the conflict within that many of us feel as we struggle between success and failure.

As he writes about a time when he was a teenage runaway on the streets of Seattle, Dr. Cecil reveals his life up to age 24, seeking the roots of his failure and self-destruction. Eventually becoming a therapist to troubled kids and families, the author writes about his true-life journey, revealing the wisdom process needed to help both himself and others.

Honest and often humorous, the book is written from two perspectives, both as the street kid and also as the therapist. It is a journey deep within a family therapist’s own soul, and offers suggestions and encouragement to engage in the change process as we travel along our own path toward self-empowerment.

In Wisdom from the Streets, Dr. Cecil offers wisdom and insight for:

  • PARENTS who often feel frustrated and confused about how to have a good connection with their children at any age.
  • TEENAGERS who often feel that no one listens or cares.
  • ADULT CHILDREN OF DYSFUNCTIONAL FAMILIES who have problems with relationships, feelings of failure, or just want to run away from it all.
  • VICTIMS of physical, emotional, or sexual abuse.

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